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 Divine Works provides a number of treatment services to aid those in need of substance abuse counseling, opiate addiction treatment, and behavioral management. Our goal is to assist returning/recovering citizens back into society thru evidence based proven rehabilitation methods. Here at Divine Works, we provide an accepting and relaxing environment for our clients to be healthy members of society.  We support and partner with agencies in our communities with a collective mission of reforming our citizens. All of our staff are qualified and passionate here to bring the best results.   

Center for Substance Abuse




People with an addiction, also known as a severe substance use disorder, have an intense focus on using a certain substance(s), such as drugs or alcohol, to the stage that it takes over his or her life. Drug addiction comes in different forms, and impacts people in different ways. One person who struggles with addiction may have a completely different set of symptoms—and a different path to recovery—than the next person, even if they happen to be addicted to the very same substance. What unites all cases of addiction is that they are treatable. Though addiction is serious and can even be life-threatening, recovery is always attainable.

Divine Works  provides individualized care to those struggling with all kinds of substance abuse issues, as well as co - occurring disorders. We work with those struggling with meth addiction, opiate, alcoholism, and beyond. The best way to begin the recovery journey is to contact us and schedule an evaluation. In addition, we invite you to learn more about how addiction works—and how recovery is possible with the help of treatment programs.

Getting Treatment



At Divine Works Treatment Center, we treat alcohol and many types of drug addiction including heroin, cocaine, meth and much more. We also treat a wide range of co- occurring disorders .Your journey will begin with an evaluation with our addiction treatment specialists, who will speak with you and develop a meaningful and safe plan for your addiction rehab and recovery here at Divine Works Treatment Center.

We offer treatment options for outpatient care, and recommend that you talk to your drug or alcohol addiction care specialist about the treatment that is right for you. Additionally, make sure you take advantage of the aftercare services we provide, which are essential for maintaining lifelong sobriety.

We cannot stress enough is the importance of being open with your family members and close friends—letting them know how much you cherish their support, and sharing any specific ways in which they can help you. You will need support structures in place for your recovery to be long lasting.

To get started with this process—and to take another big step toward a life of freedom, hope and healing from substance abuse—contact our encouraging and supportive team today to get you on the path to sober living.
(757) 779 4493 

Court Orders

The Courts are increasingly sentencing substance abuse violation offenses to court ordered treatment programs for drugs and alcohol.  The goal of this action is to force the individual to participate in a rehab program as an extension of or in substitution for serving out a jail sentence.  Judges often hand down this type of sentencing to individuals they do not honestly believe will make any effort to seek professional treatment for addiction on their own. In many instances, seeking treatment programs prior to court helps to lessen jail time and further expenses. Here at Divine Works we partner with probation and pre trial services to help clients avoid harsher penalties from drug infractions.

Reentry Staffing

   Divine Works provides employment services with a focus on reentry programs assisting ex- incarcerated individuals. Divine Works research shows us that having a job is the most important factor in reducing recidivism, so we focus primarily on employment and the necessary skills to gain employment. Additional skill building services are offered such as addictions treatment, soft job skill training and behavioral therapy. Divine Works provides transitional employment for temporary and permanent positions. The organization’s core program provides services to returning citizens from prison/jail however a recent release of incarceration or having an previous criminal record is not an requirement to receive services. .   

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